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This is a financial service for real estate lending around the world or microcrediting on the basis of HOME (Coin), built on the basis of the Ethereum platform, in which lenders are not banks, but physical face. Unlike banks and MFIs, with mutual lending, the investor and the borrower work directly, which allows get rid of intermediaries and issue loans at the rate of the bank or even lower. The mutual crediting platform helps investor and borrower to find each other, as well as assess the risk of investment.
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Early repayment
Economic crisis
The HOME LOANS platform uses sophisticated prediction algorithms creditworthiness of all clients and in just 20 minutes the borrower can get your very first loan or mortgage to purchase real estate in his life only from his smartphone. All customers have the opportunity pay less interest and get a higher credit rating, if they use our platform more often. All credit histories are stored on Blockchain. Thousands of investors have access to millions of new customers. HOME (Coin) is an integral part of the eco-system HOME LONS and HO-LO. They can used for lending to individuals on the security of real estate, for pledge with microcredit, to repay loans by the borrower, as well as for access to certain HOME LOANS and HO-LO services. If necessary, our customers will be able to buy them at market value on crypto-exchanges. With the increase in demand not loans and mortgages in HOME LOANS services, customers have a growing need for tokens HOME (Coin), and investors are increasing profits.
Scheme of borrowers
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Filling in an application
Getting a loan
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Information for borrowers

Getting a loan from a bank is not easy: many risks and costs for registration, and the amounts are insignificant. Private investors are more willing to give loans than banks and under a lower percentage. To get mutual loans, you need a minimum a set of documents, they can be downloaded in your account.

  • Low rate for all types of lending
  • Age of the borrower from 18 to 65 years (at the end of the loan)
  • Early repayment from the first month without commissions

The application process, communication between participants, the conclusion of a contract and making settlements - all stages of the transaction pass through the participant's private office. This allows you to get a loan from anywhere in the world without binding to a specific region.

Calculator for the borrowers
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5750 ₽
Benefits and advantages
High profitability
Now you can issue loans no worse than a bank and earn more than deposits in banks. Return on investments from 5% to 350% per year
Full transparency
BLOCKCHAIN. Information on loans, objects, transactions, registration of property rights, encumbrances and condition of objects will be recorded in distributed registers, access to which can be obtained in your account.
High reliability
Own scoring score, which, in addition to the data presented in the questionnaire, will analyze user behavior, user activity in social networks. All this data is available to the investor
Portfolio investment
On our site, you can diversify the risks by investing small amounts in a large number of projects. A lot of investment products for every taste.
Insurance of investments
All investments are insured by the Guarantee Fund of the platform in the form of HOME (Coin) crypto currency. In the case of non-payment coverage occurs automatically in HOME (Coin), which you can easily sell on exchanges
Scheme of Investors
Registration on the platform
Purchase HOME (Coin) for investment
Selection of the investment product
Receiving a profit
Information for investors
Calculator for the investors
Select the amount of investment::
Choose the investment period:
675 ₽

Credits based on smart contracts are a transparent and reliable credit history. We intend to provide investors with access to our clients by offering them the highest quality services. Investors receive:

  • The right to participate in fast transactions, real estate is cheaper than the market value
  • The right to purchase and use the assets of HOME LOANS (profit from the lease of commercial real estate, a discount of up to 30% on the purchase of collateral real estate)
  • The right to portfolio investment for large commercial real estate and income from renting commercial premises
Benefits and advantages
Simplicity of registration
The application is easily made out with the help of a personal cabinet without certificates and guarantors. Credits are issued by individuals from around the world, rather than traditional banks, which allows them to be more loyal to borrowers
Speed of decoration
Approvals of 5 minutes. Providing funds without a credit history, not having accounts in banks. Investing from around the world and from many people in 5 minutes.
Full support
Assistance 24/7 in the preparation of contracts, insurance, valuation (in countries where there is no block in the registration authorities) anywhere in the world. Departure of specialists.
The percentage is lower than the banking
The interest rate is from 1% per annum due to peer-to-peer lending (people to people). Investors are more profitable to invest in loans than deposits in banks.
A lot of credit products related to real estate, for every taste.
Information on the token
HOME (Coin) - an integral part of the eco-system HOME LOANS and HO-LO.NET
  1. Crediting of individuals and legal entities on the security of real estate
  2. Crediting of individuals up to 30 000 rubles on the security of HOME (Coin)
  3. To repay loans
  4. To buy, sell, rent on HO-LO.NET
  5. To access the services and services of HOME LOANS and HO-LO.NET
  • Symbol - HOME
  • Type of Token - ERC20
  • Total number - 65 000 000 HOME
  • Contract address - 0x5c7c8c2c5c90b8c3e9319ab1d9bebebd280841b7
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